About The Simple Swan…

 Here at The Simple Swan, we understand the power of elegance.

el•e•gance (noun):
1. the quality of being graceful in appearance or manner
2. the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple

Together, we learn to live more elegantly…
seek wisdom from elegant sources like nature, literature, and the arts…
and simply make the world a better elegant place!

Although elegance can take many forms, the image that comes to my mind is a swan gracefully floating on a sparkling lake. With their elongated necks, strong bodies, and regal composure, swans possess a natural beauty, wisdom, and simplicity. They might be paddling like crazy just below the surface, but they always appear to elegantly glide through life.

Here’s a simple acronym to help us embrace the elegance of a swan…

SWAN = Simple  Wise  Attractive  Nice

All posts are archived and categorized into these general areas:

  • Presentation – our appearance, behavior, and demeanor
  • Surroundings – our indoor and outdoor living and working environments
  • Pursuits – our work, hobbies, volunteering, and lifelong education
  • Relationships – our friends, family, and communities
  • Health – our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness
  • Mindset – our attitude and approach to living
  • Poetry – poems I’ve written and poems I love

My Sunday posts appear in a weekly newspaper column called Everyday Elegance that runs in the weekend edition of the Southern Illinoisan. Wednesday posts are more personal and written for my like-minded subscribers.

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