About Alicia & The Simple Swan…

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Hi there…I’m Alicia.

I write The Simple Swan to explore and inspire simplicity as the key to wellbeing.

Simplicity: the practice of elevating what matters and eliminating the rest
Wellbeing: a state of comfort, health and happiness

I have always craved an uncluttered and serene life with plenty of space for reflecting on what matters. As a busy mother and middle school language arts teacher for nearly thirty years, I came to understand the power of keeping it simple.

Now that I’m a retired empty-nester, my passion has become exploring, experimenting and writing about simplicity both practically and philosophically. In an increasingly stressful and complicated world, I truly believe simplicity is the key to our individual and collective wellbeing.

I write a weekly newspaper column for the Southern Illinoisan which I post here on Sunday mornings. On Wednesday mornings I share something more personal related to my own search for simplicity.

I am not on social media, so please subscribe to The Simple Swan to receive emails of new posts. Go to the homepage at http://www.thesimpleswan.com and click on the blue oval “Follow” button to subscribe. Email me at  Alicia@thesimpleswan.com. Thank you for being here.