About The Simple Swan

Hi there. Thanks for clicking here. I’m taking a break from writing The Simple Swan. I write a lot about the seasons of life, and right now there’s a voice telling me it’s time to make some changes for a little while.

To read more than write. To listen more than speak. To learn more than teach. To be more than do.

I bet you understand. Until I return, I hope the posts here bring you some serenity. Take care of yourself. ~Alicia

The Simple Swan is a weekly blog
written to soothe the soul.

Every Sunday, The Simple Swan publishes something to soothe the soul. Inspired by nature, faith, the arts, and life’s little pleasures, Alicia writes stories, reflections, and practical ideas that encourage gliding through life with the beauty, grace, and serenity of a simple swan.

Articles are generally categorized in these areas ~

  • Attitude & Behavior
  • Celebrations & Seasons
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Home & Garden
  • Local & Global Community
  • Poetry & The Arts
  • Rituals & Routines
  • Relationships & Interactions
  • Work & Play

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“I welcome any reader who wishes to effortlessly glide through life inspired, as I am, by the beauty, grace, and serenity of a simple swan.”
~Alicia Woodward, author of The Simple Swan