About The Simple Swan…

As the creator of The Simple Swan,
my mission is to add value to readers’ lives
by writing stories, essays, and poetry
that inspire everyday elegance.
-Alicia Woodward

el•e•gance (noun)
1. the quality of being graceful in appearance or manner
2. the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple

If ever there was a single word that embodied an admirable description of someone or something, it surely must be elegance. In dissecting its definition, I take elegance to encompass grace, wisdom, and simplicity. Imagine if we consciously worked to apply those three descriptors to everything in our lives. 

Although most of my posts fall into more than one category, they are generally categorized as follows ~

  • Presentation (our appearance, behavior, and demeanor)
  • Surroundings (our living and working environments)
  • Pursuits (our work, hobbies, volunteering, and life-long learning)
  • Relationships (our friends, family, and communities)
  • Health (our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness)
  • Mindset (our attitude and approach to living)
  • Poetry (poems I’ve written, study, or celebrate)

I’m grateful to have my Sunday posts appear in a weekly newspaper column called Everyday Elegance that runs in the weekend edition of the Southern Illinoisan. Wednesday posts are more personal and directly targeted to The Simple Swan community of readers. 

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