Late-Blooming Roses ~ Accepting Joy as it Appears

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My rose bushes disappointed this year. I waited all summer for them to explode into a riotous celebration of yellow, but they never did. I watered them, fed them, sprayed them, pruned them, and pleaded with them, but throughout the hot dry summer, they only produced a few wimpy flowers.

By summer’s end I’d stopped paying attention to the leggy bushes and never even got around to cutting them back this fall. Halloween came and went, and the calendar turned to November. Imagine my surprise when, without any help or encouragement from me, the bushes suddenly produced a bounty of beautiful yellow roses!

At first, I admit to being slightly annoyed. “Oh, great, now you decide to bloom.” And then it dawned on me those roses might be teaching me a few things. Stop trying so hard. Good things take time. You’re not in control. Beauty is spontaneous. Stay present. Be open to joy whenever it appears.

I rejoiced in the late-blooming roses for a couple of weeks as I watched an abundance of sweet yellow buds slowly unfurl into big silky soft flowers. The prolific rose bushes looked so odd surrounded by bare trees and covered in crispy brown leaves. Alas, it seemed our unusually warm weather had come to an end, and with a forecast of snow flurries, I cut the roses and took them inside.

As any flower-lover knows, the process of arranging them is part of the delight. I set the roses by the kitchen sink, carefully removed excess leaves, and delicately cut each stem to the right height. It was a ritual I performed slowly and mindfully, knowing it would be the last time for many months.  As I placed the roses in vases of water, I couldn’t help but thank them and apologize for my impatience, my pushiness, and my lack of faith.

I ceremoniously set a vase in the living room where a shaft of autumn light came through the window. My curious kitten hopped on the table and pressed his heart-shaped nose into the yellow flowers. “Yes, Mr. Darcy, you’re right. Stop and smell the roses, especially when you least expect them.” §


“The earth laughs in flowers.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

4 thoughts on “Late-Blooming Roses ~ Accepting Joy as it Appears

  1. Beautiful! I still have one lone yellow zinnia left from a bouquet a friend gave me from her garden almost a month ago!

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  2. A beautiful post to brighten up a Sunday, Alicia. Our roses were disappointing this summer. I don’t think they enjoyed the harsh heat. We have had other flowers, that should be dormant, flowering for a third time. As I write this, the weather outside is 20 degrees Celsius when the average should be between 10 and 12 degrees. You are right, we should enjoy the blooms while we have them.

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  3. Thank you! I knew you’d had record-breaking heat there this summer as well. The flowers are adjusting to climate change I suppose. After record highs earlier in this week, we had snow yesterday. I do love snow, but I’m glad I got the roses inside. My best to Myrtle. 🙂

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