This Easter Brings More Gratitude Than Ever

Easter has many themes to reflect upon, but I’ve always found it a time to quietly whisper, “Thank you.”

Who can think on the Easter story and not be filled with indescribable gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made for us? Thank you.

At the same time we celebrate Easter, nature offers a tangible representation and reminder of rebirth. The birds are chirping, the trees are budding, and the flowers are blooming. Thank you.

This year, the miracle of Easter and the beauty of spring come after what seems like a year-long winter. The pandemic’s forced seclusion and some personal challenges have made me keenly aware of my appreciation for people who, in big and small ways, act as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Most of us are unbelievably grateful to the men and women who have worked tirelessly the past year to make available a vaccine for Covid-19. It is a miracle to me that somehow a little vial of life-saving serum made it from someone’s brilliant mind, to a lab, through miles of red tape and highway, to the family pharmacy on the corner, and into my arm.

Thanks to the vaccine, we’ve had a string of family and friends stop by this week to say hello. It’s said you don’t miss something until it’s gone. The past year has reminded us of the simple pleasure of hearing a knock at the door and opening it to a friendly face bearing the gift of laughter and conversation that dances around us like music.

No less special are the small acts of kindness showered upon us by strangers. I was out early one day this week and drove through McDonalds for my morning caffeine. The lady’s voice on the speaker was so pleasant, it surprised me. It was smooth and silky, and it poured over me like sunshine. When I pulled around to the window, I told her she had the most beautiful voice. She smiled shyly and told me she sang in her church. It was a simple exchange, but we are all surrounded by everyday angels, if we take the time to notice.

Just this week, there was a cast of people whose acts of service gently touched our lives. Dr. Shah called to check on my mom, and his receptionist, Janice, was as gracious as ever. Michael delivered our mail with a wave. Amanda efficiently packaged Mom’s prescriptions, and Jason brought it to our door like clockwork. Joy, the previous owner of our house, planted the daffodils and hyacinths I’ve placed in vases around our home. An electrician named Carl squeezed us in at the end of his work day.

“Well, Alicia,” he said on the phone as if we’d known each other forever. “I’m booked solid for the next two weeks, but a person needs a clothes dryer. Let me see what I can do.” That same evening, Carl came and fixed the dryer outlet and a couple of others. His calm, slow voice filled our kitchen as he worked.

“I tell people they need two things in their life,” the electrician said without looking up from a tangle of wires. “The first is Jesus. The second is LED light bulbs.”

Thank you. §

4 thoughts on “This Easter Brings More Gratitude Than Ever

  1. Very warming reflection. You always cause me to step away from life’s mundane activities and pause to reflect on something simple but profound like “thank you!” Thank you, Alicia!

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  2. Your comment appeared, and I realize I posted this instead of scheduling it for Sunday! Oops! Oh well…I so appreciate you for always reading and encouraging my writing. Happy Happy Easter to you all!


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