Welcome to The Simple Swan
Your wisdom can change the world.

As mature modern women, you and I are rich in experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Just think of all you have learned, accomplished, witnessed, enjoyed, and endured in your lifetime!

Now more than ever, we must embrace our role and responsibility to model wisdom in all we do and pass on what we’ve learned to future generations.

Our wisdom, along with our effort to keep learning and growing, can improve ourselves, our communities, and the people we love. Our wisdom can truly change the world.

The Simple Swan is a weekly blog inspiring mature modern women to seek, show, and share wisdom.

Seek Wisdom…through nature, the arts, history, philosophy, theology, and life-long learning.

Show Wisdom…in daily rituals, habits, behavior, thoughts, and interactions.

Share Wisdom…as friends, relatives, advisors, mentors, and role models.

Please Join Our CommunityThe Simple Swan is not on social media and relies on readership from those who follow via email. Subscribe for free by clicking “Follow” located on the right of your screen or scroll to the bottom of your phone. New posts are published every Sunday morning at 8 am EST.

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Contact Me – I’d love to know what you think. Please email me at Alicia@thesimpleswan.com. Visit http://www.thesimpleswan.com any time to read dozens of current and past articles.

“Be the flame of fate, that torch of truth to guide our young people toward a better future for themselves and for this country.”
~Michelle Obama

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