Pandemic Poetry ~ Let’s Write a Haiku

There’s something wonderful on April’s calendar that hasn’t been cancelled or postponed. It’s National Poetry Month. The celebration is taking on new meaning and importance this year as people all over the world turn to poetry for comfort, creativity and connection during this challenging time.

While you keep yourself and others safe by staying at home, I hope you find the time to pen your own haiku. Maybe you can make it a family activity. Find something in nature that makes you happy and form your thoughts about it into a simple three-line poem. The first and third lines have five syllables. The middle line has seven syllables.

Please consider sharing your poem by leaving it in the comments or emailing it to me at You might want to get really creative and illustrate your poem. Haikus are often accompanied by simple watercolor paintings. Hang it on your refrigerator as a little food for thought.

Poetic inspiration struck me early this morning when, wrapped in a blanket, I stepped out on the porch for a fresh look at the new day. I inhaled deeply and watched my exhaled breath quickly disappear in the cool spring air. From inside, I heard the television mumble news of virus and ventilators. Closing my eyes, I took a slower, more intentional breath filled with gratitude and hope.


Nothing more precious

A calming, life-giving flow

In and out. Just breathe. §

6 thoughts on “Pandemic Poetry ~ Let’s Write a Haiku

  1. Lovely post! I enjoy April for it being Nat’l Poetry Month–and haiku is a favorite form of mine (not only because they’re short, but partly!). So I’m writing a ton of haiku this month–a balm for both the craziness and reasonable anxiety brought on by the “virus”. Blessings to you–stay safe and well 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much, Rhen. I went to your blog and see you are a beautiful writer! Please consider sharing one of your haikus with us here. Wishing you and yours health and peace during this challenging time. 🙂


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