A Perfect Snow

The February snow fell from the sky in quarter-size flakes, quickly covering the frozen landscape with a fluffy white blanket. There was something captivating about this particular snowfall. It was surreal, as if buckets of artificial snowflakes were being dumped from above onto a stage set. As the huge flakes danced rhythmically to the ground, I could hear a narrator whisper their words of wisdom.






Aren’t those words we could all use more of right now? I wouldn’t mind if it was the last snow of the year, but I am inspired to bring those peaceful words into full focus.

Soft ~ In his poem The Dream Keeper, Langston Hughes warned of the “too-rough fingers of the world.” A dear friend recently confided that the world was making her hard. I understood her worry, but I know better. My friend has the kind of heart that will allow her to stay soft no matter how hard the world may seem.

There are ways we can bring more softness into our lives. Wrap yourself in coziness all day by wearing comfy clothing. Sink into your favorite chair and read an uplifting book. Light some candles for a soft, glowing atmosphere. Shut out the world if you must, but keep your heart soft.

Pure ~ Purity is synonymous with virtue, goodness, integrity, honesty, and decency, values I refuse to believe are old-fashioned or obsolete. Perhaps we are seeing more and more examples of rude and crude behavior, but we don’t have to join the crowd.

We have a choice about what we listen to, watch, read, say, do and even think. Be aware of what you are putting into your head and heart. Positive input results in positive output.

Gentle ~ Gentleness gets a bum rap these days. We’re led to believe that nice guys finish last, but I disagree. St. Francis de Sales wrote, “Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.”

My husband, Mike, is one of the most gentle human beings I know. He inspires me to be gentle in my actions, interactions, and reactions. We can learn to be gentle without being a pushover or a doormat.

Quiet ~ It’s a noisy world. Restaurants are so loud it’s impossible to converse. Music thumps from the car in the next lane. Shoppers blab into cell phones while roaming store aisles. People interrupt to make their point.

Whenever possible, turn it all off. Then practice turning off the noise in your head. It’s said if you want someone’s attention, whisper. Give yourself the gift of peace and quiet and offer the same to those around you.

Clean ~ The freshly fallen snow makes everything appear so perfect and beautiful. It’s no wonder we want to capture the flawless scene in a glass snow globe, forever preserving it from becoming the slushy dirty mess that is real life.

Maybe a beautiful snowfall is nature’s reminder of the grace that falls down on us from above, making us crystal clean and covering all of our perfect imperfections.§

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